The future starts here.

New Tech, New Ideas, New Conveniences, New Experiences.

From Japan the Future is Born.


The future is inventions that have yet to be born.
The future is trends that have yet to form.
The future is conveniences that have yet to be experienced.
The future is the excitement of what is to come.

Tokyo Mirai Mode is a platform that brings the future that is born in Japan to the world.
From never-before-seen innovations to Japanese products not yet released on the global market, find and fund projects that could shape our future.

Get excited.
This is where the future begins.

Experience the Mirai (Future) of Japan

Tokyo Mirai Mode (TMM) is a worldwide crowdfunding platform for unique products and inventions from Japan that are not yet circulating in the global market. TMM is managed by Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc. (TOM), which has achieved sales in and shipping to more than 100 countries via its global ecommerce platform.

Two Crowdfunding Methods

All or Nothing

Rewards will be fulfilled only if the project reaches its funding goal within the project period.
If the project fails to reach its goal, all backers will be refunded. This way you can support projects without worry.

Keep it All

All backers will receive their rewards regardless of whether the funding goal is achieved.
Supporting Keep It All projects is much like shopping, because you know you will receive your reward.

Accepting 130+ Currencies

Crowdfunding transactions are fulfilled in either US dollars, euros, and/or yen. A variety of credit cards as well as over 130 global currencies are accepted from backers around the world.

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