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Tokyo Otaku Mode™ (TOM) provides the latest in Japanese pop culture through its Facebook page, with over 19 million fans to date, and the Tokyo Otaku Mode Shop website, which sells products related to Japanese anime, manga, games, music and fashion, and reports the latest news.

Tokyo Mirai Mode, established upon the know-how and knowledge that TOM has gained thus far, is a crowdfunding platform that supports both project owners who aspire to deliver the unique value of Japan overseas, and backers worldwide who wish to support such projects. TMM breaks through the barriers of country, language, and currency, opening the means to challenge the global market, which was once limited to only the large corporations of Japan, to all business and individuals within Japan alike.

A world in which anyone can challenge the overseas market from Japan.
A world in which anyone can support projects across national borders.
Our mission is to make such a world a reality.

Corporate Information

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Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.
  • Internet Media
  • Internet Service
  • Internet Advertising
Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc. 3219 NW Guam St Portland, OR 97210 USA
Branch Office
Tokyo, Japan
April 2012
Tomo Kamei
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