Update Regarding Crowdfunding Progress

Tracklists & arrangers are being announced on Megumi Ogata's Twitter!

Megumi Ogata 25th Seiyuu Debut Anniversary Project, "Animeg. 25th".
The arrangement demos are turning out very nice! The composers have worked with me most meticulously to make sure each song is perfect, and I can't be more happy! It's all thanks to the supporters of this project. Thank you so much!

The music arrangers on this project are all talented people that I have collaborated with before. Ah...well, three of whom I am working with for the first time as music arrangers. But even these talented composers are people I have met with before, and have always wanted to collaborate with, and know they will do great with the titles I have entrusted them with! I'm very excited!

Look forward for more updates on Megumi Ogata's Twitter!! https://twitter.com/Megumi_Ogata/