Crowdfunding complete! Onto the next stage!


Both crowdfunding campaigns have now ended!

All rewards of the Japanese campaign are out of stock!
We raised 129% of our original goal through our international campaign!

Overall, we were able to raise a total of 2.88 million yen in Japan and around the world!
I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart!

Thank you very, very much!

However, this is just the first step.
What kind of album will I be able to create?
That’s the real challenge...that’s the battle that I must fight against myself.

One by one, incredible sound sources for the album are coming in.
I’ll be focusing on the recording process from now on.
Info and progress updates will be available on my blog, on Twitter...and occasionally through updates like this one, so please be sure to come back for more!

I’ll create the greatest album ever.

Thanks for your patience!

I’ll be off to the next stage now!

M. Ogata with BIG LOVE!
July 11, 2017