100% funded! A message from Megumi Ogata with love and gratitude


Thank you!!!
We’ve reached our goal!

This isn’t a dream, is it?
I’m really, really happy.

A flurry of thankful kisses for everyone!

Today is July 7th, which is also known as Tanabata.
I believe that this day is celebrated differently in different cultures and countries…

But in Japan, July 7th is the day when Vega (Orihime) and Altair (Hikoboshi) - the eternal lovers separated by the Milky Way - finally get to see each other.
Today is the only day of the year when the two can cross the river and be together.

This evening on Tanabata, I’ll be in the studio recording “Moon Revenge” from Sailor Moon R: The Movie as Sailor Uranus.
Through this track, I’ll be able (I mean, Sailor Uranus will be able) to meet the one whom we have loved forever.
We’ve waited 20 years for this. We’ll finally...meet the one.

And on this particular day, we’ve reached the goal of our project.
It’s a miracle. A truly romantic miracle, don’t you think?

I feel truly blessed...from the bottom of my heart, I do.
I’m almost trembling from all the emotion.
I feel like I can almost unleash my “World Shaking” move upon the world (laughs).

I’ll create the greatest cover album and have them delivered to you!

We’ve reached our goal, but there are still four days remaining.
If you have taken the time to read this update and made it this far,
I would really appreciate it if you could please share the news about this project with your friends, your acquaintances, and everything else you can share with.

This cover album will overflow with my love for all of you.
Thank you very, very much for your amazing support!

M. Ogata with BIG LOVE!