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The handy multi-tool loved by more than two-thousand backers in Japan is finally here! Experience outstanding Japanese craftsmanship through Key-Quest.



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The handy multi-tool loved by more than two-thousand backers in Japan is finally here! Experience outstanding Japanese craftsmanship through Key-Quest.

Key-Quest is a key shaped 6-in-1 multi-tool that can easily be stored on a keychain.
Can’t find a box cutter lying around when you’re trying to open a cardboard box?
Need a pair of scissors to remove the tags from your clothes?
Don’t have a screwdriver near you when you want to tighten a screw?
Avoid the stress of searching for different tools and get things done easily with Key-Quest!

One compact tool with the power of six

Key-Quest works as a box opener, line and thread cutter, bottle opener, flat blade screwdriver, nut wrench, and also as a pull-top raiser.

Super slim and easy to carry

We’ve focused on making Key-Quest a compact tool. It’s the same size and thickness as a standard house key, and it won’t take much space on your key ring. After countless trials, we concluded that 2.5 mm (0.098") is the ideal thickness for portability and durability. The final result of our efforts is a multi-tool that’s the perfect size to carry and withdraw from your pocket or key ring for use.

Made with renowned Japanese "Seki blades"

Key-Quest is manufactured by Tsukada Co., Ltd., a company that has continued to polish its skills and technologies for 47 years since its establishment. Each process of production is performed by experienced processors from Seki, a famous location in Japan known as the "City of Blades“. Thin 2.5 mm (0.098") pieces of stainless steel are treated with the non-oxidizing quenching technique of Tsukada Co., Ltd., resulting in outstandingly sharp tools with maximized durability.

Tools included in Key-Quest

Pull-top raiser

Key-Quest is great for those who are concerned with their nails, as well as those with fashionable decorations on their nails. Not only can it raise pull-tops, Key-Quest also has the heft to open paint can lids. No need to worry about cracking your nails!

Bottle opener

Have you ever forgotten to bring a bottle opener to a barbecue? This handy little buddy in your pocket will help you out!

Flat head driver

Avoid the hassle of scavenging through your garage or storage room just to tighten a tiny little screw. Need something tightened up? Get your Key-Quest, and you’re ready to work!


Not only can Key-Quest tighten screws, it can also fix loose nuts and bolts. Use it to work on your machines, bikes or even your remote-controlled cars and other hobby items. It’s compatible with M2, M3, M4 size bolts.

Box opener

Have you ever been irritated by not being able to tear off the vinyl taping on cardboard boxes, or accidentally damaged the contents inside when using a knife? Key-Quest can help you open packages on the spot while keeping everything inside perfectly safe.

Line and thread cutter

Key-Quest is a useful tool to have when you go fishing. The line and thread cutter on its tip can slice through a wide range of materials, cutting so swiftly that the motion will almost seem like magic to your fishing friends.

"Seki blade" production techniques

Known for its unbreakable, unbendable and ultra-sharp blades, Seki City in Gifu prefecture is a world-famous place for blade and sword production. Key-Quest was planned and manufactured using traditional techniques that have been passed down since the Kamakura Era 700 years ago. Let us share a few parts of our valuable technology with you.

1. Tips with the right strength at the right size

There is usually a size limit to the surface when applying a blade on a narrow edge due to the width of sharpening stones. However, if the thread cutting portion becomes too large, it can lead to injuries on your fingers. We have managed to create a sharp 4mm (0.16") wide blade on Key-Quest with our advanced cutting technology.

This minuscule blade can slice through polyethylene threads that are difficult to cut with scissors, and even cut through the world’s toughest Kevlar fiber used for space suits, bulletproof vests and fire suits for firefighters with ease! With a narrow width of just 4mm (0.16”), you won't have to worry about accidentally cutting yourself with it.
Keep out of the reach of children

2. Advanced heat treatment

Through non-oxidizing quenching, a technique used for Seki blades such as high‐class kitchen knives and scissors, each stainless steel sheet can be quenched without bending despite its thinness of just 2.5 mm (0.098"). By heat-treating the stainless sheets, we’re able to create tools with outstanding sharpness and extreme durability.

3. Fine barrel polishing

By placing each Key-Quest into a barrel with grinding stones and spinning it for a long period of time, metal burrs and sharp edges created through manufacturing process are rounded out. The tip of the bottle opener and teeth of the saw-like box opener are rounded using this method, preventing Key-Quest from getting caught in your pocket even if you carry it without a case.

4. Surface treatment

The surface treatment used on Seki blades is applied to heat-treatable stainless steel, resulting in a classy matte finish. Since Key-Quest is an item that you’ll want to carry around with you all the time, we paid close attention to its aesthetic appeal.

About us

Tsukada Co, Ltd. was established in 1970 and has manufactured Japan’s world-famous traditional Seki blades for 47 years. We make the metal molds we use by ourselves, and take full responsibility in each and every stage of the production process. We manufacture products with confidence for our customers.

We plan, develop and manufacture items used everyday, such as blades for scissors, kitchen knives, nail clippers, as well as various metal parts and automobile associated parts.

Our factory is located on the lush green foothill of Seki City in Gifu Prefecture.

Our extensive experience allows us to create the high-quality products we offer. Settings for our machinery are carefully adjusted by hand, and each piece is inspected by our craftspeople.

Why we’re making this

The inspiration for Key-Quest came from our daily workflow. Parts are shipped to us in cardboard boxes every day, and we used to use scissors and knives to open these. However, we found out that normal keys can also cut through the vinyl tape. From then on, we used our company keys to open them. In autumn 2015, we thought it would be handy to have a key-shaped multi-utility tool to use, and we started to develop a blade in a shape that has never been seen before.

Utilizing CADs used for making metal molds, we searched for functions that can be added to the standard shape used for office and home keys. Adding to this, each step from cutting to heat treating and even packaging is done by our experienced Seki blade craftspeople. After repeating the development and manufacturing stages, and also making constant improvements through trial and error, we created Key-Quest, a pocket-sized multi-tool with six common and convenient functions.

Message from the Project Owner

Key-Quest began as a project to create something that we had always wanted for ourselves. We’re certain that it will help you out in all kinds of situations in daily life.

We have received a great response in Japan and, therefore, would like to share the capabilities and usefulness of Seki blades abroad. It would be an honor to have everyone keep one on their keychains.They’re great as gifts for your friends or for those who have helped you out. We hope that Key-Quest, a product filled with our experience and passion, will become an item that is loved around the world.

We thank you for your generous support.

How the funds will be used

The development of Key-Quest has already been completed with the funds raised from a successful crowdfunding project in Japan. The $5,000 goal set for this project will be mainly used towards shipping Key-Quest to backers, and also towards the localization of user manuals and other necessary content to ensure that English-speaking backers can also enjoy using our multi-tool. Remaining funds will be used to cover costs related to the creation of this crowdfunding page, the operation of this project, platform usage fees and commission, as well as other necessary costs.


1. Will Key-Quest get caught in my pocket and damage the fabric?

Each Key-Quest tool has a rounded tip which is barrel-polished with the traditional techniques of Seki, so they won’t get caught in your pockets or damage the fabric. I have been using one for almost half a year, and have yet to experience any troubles. For those who prefer to store their Key-Quest in a case, a leather case is also available.

2. What is Key-Quest made of?

Key-Quest is made of heat treatable stainless steel, the same material as Seki blades. Stainless steel is much more resistant to rust that normal steel, but leaving it wet or keeping it subdued in seawater may still cause it to rust. Please remember to wipe off moisture before storing. There is a small possibility of rusting when using it on a keychain.

3. Can I use Key-Quest on M5 or M6 size nuts?

We have made prototypes for M5 and M6 size nuts, but the larger holes interfered with the bottle opener tool. Therefore, we have omitted the M5 and M6 sizes in the nut wrench tool and decided to go with the M2, M3 and M4 sizes instead. If there is a high demand for M5 and M6 holes, we may add it to our lineup in the future.

4. What are the dimensions and weight?

23mm x 62 mm x 2.5 mm | 0.9" x 2.4” x 0.098”
10.2 g | 0.02 lb

Contact us for support


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Thank you very much for your support!
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