Our project has launched!

Hello, everyone! I’m Hiroki Tsukada, the CEO of Tsukada Co., Ltd.
We have been crafting world-class traditional Japanese “Seki Blades” for 47 years since the founding of my company.

“Seki Blades” are a brand of blades crafted in our area, and are known for being “unbreakable, unbendable and ultra-sharp” with roots that go back over 800 years to the age of the Samurai. With “Seki blades,” our area has flourished as the best location for the manufacturing of Japanese swords.


”Key-Quest” is a tool that makes the most of the traditions and techniques of “Seki blades” and comes in handy in various modern day situations. Its quality has won acceptance and became a great success as it earned the support of approximately 2400 backers in Japan. We wanted them to be used by everyone overseas and decided to launch this project.

Please feel free to leave comments and questions in the comment section. Thank you very much for your support!