MESH : An Instant IoT Toolkit


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MESH is a kit of app-enabled smart sensors that makes it simple for anyone to transform ordinary objects into smart devices.


What is MESH?

MESH is an Instant IoT Toolkit.

MESH smart sensors make it simple to create and customize smart gadgets. Each smart trigger is a wireless sensor that can automate smart actions like notifications, tracking, and scheduling to make your home (and life) smarter. Build your own DIY gadgets or create custom integrations with popular home automation devices like Philips Hue, SmartThings, LIFX, WeMo, Nest and many more.

Connect MESH to any object to make it a little smarter.

Use a MESH Motion trigger to make a Bluetooth speaker sensitive to your presence and play music as soon as you enter a room; or connect a MESH Brightness trigger to Philips Hue to automatically turn on the lights when it gets dark.

Endless control, and it’s all in the MESH App.

With the MESH App as your hub, you’ll connect smart triggers to everyday objects via Bluetooth (BLE) or WiFi to create personalized smart recipes. To personalize the smart devices you already own you can use the free automation service IFTTT to link to hundreds of connected home gadgets like Amazon Echo, WeMo, Nest and apps like Gmail or Twitter. There’s no need for electronics or programming – just drag-and-drop in the MESH app to set up your creations.

How does MESH work?

Use one sensor to trigger multiple smart actions.

With just one MESH tag you can trigger as many actions as you’d like on gadgets and apps. Try using MESH Temperature & Humidity tag to simultaneously monitor your plants, control a NEST Thermostat to keep your home cozy, and record temperature changes to a spreadsheet.

Use multiple sensors to trigger one smart action.

A single smart action, like turning on a light, can be triggered by multiple MESH tags. Try connecting MESH Motion, Brightness, Move, and Button to a smart lightbulb, like Philips Hue, for multiple ways to trigger the light to turn on.

Customize your favorite gadgets using MESH sensors.

Connect MESH tags to real gadgets to trigger your favorite actions and features. Try using MESH Button with your phone as a shortcut to trigger music or the camera.

Add smart features to DIY projects.

With MESH GPIO you can instantly add smart features to DIY gadget projects. Try MESH GPIO with Amazon Alexa for Echo to create a voice-activated plant watering pump that keeps your plants watered when you say a phrase like “Trigger watering."

Data tracking and visualization with MESH sensor.

Try connecting MESH Motion to the free automation platform, If This Than That (“IFTTT”), to track sensor data, or create custom heat map using MESH SDK.

Product Information

MESH tags

Each MESH tag has a different function with five sensors: motion, brightness, temperature and humidity, movement, and button; along with two other types of tags: an LED and GPIO.

It is an input device that detects moving people and even animals. The tag's detection area is around 2-3 meters. You can use this tag when you want to know who is in your house/room/office space, or where your pet is. With a Motion, you can…

  • Put it in the hallway and have an alarm go off if anyone walks by.
  • Automatically take a picture when someone enters the room.
Temperature & Humidity
It is an input device that can detect a change in temperature or humidity. This tag can be used to notify you when it reaches a specified temperature or humidity level. With a Temperature & Humidity, you can…

  • Get notifications when a room is too cold or too dry.
  • Check your room temperature from a remote location.
It is an input device that detects and notifies you about a change in brightness. Additionally, it can be used to detect if there is an object nearby. With a Brightness, you can…

  • Play a recorded birthday message when a gift box is opened.
  • Get notifications when someone opens your secret drawer.
It detects motion patterns. It allows you to detect movement and create interaction. Make your “what if” idea come to life, by letting it send a signal when the tag is flipped, shaken, or turned around. With a Move, you can…

  • Add sound effects to your sword fights.
  • Make your toy speak when you shake it.
It is an input device that allows you to create your own switch for controlling everyday objects – experience a more creative environment at home or in the office. With a Button, you can…

  • Remotely control your phone’s camera.
  • Press the button for sound effects.
It allows you to create notifications. You can control the color (red, green, blue, yellow, and more) and patterns (light up steadily, blinking, slow turn on/off) as you like. With an LED, you can…

  • Get e-mail notifications by the tag lighting up.
  • Let it tell you the weather outside by glowing in different colors.
GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) enables you to enjoy wireless electronic kits and more. It has a digital and analog input/output that connects other sensors or actuators, such as light sensors, motors and written circuit with a conductive pen. GPIO has 10 pins as below.
  • 3 Digital input / 3 Digital output
  • 1 Analog input / 1 Analog output (PWM)
  • 1 Power supply
  • 1 Ground
With a GPIO, you can…

  • Power a motor, attach it to a toy, and bring the toy to life!
  • Make you own circuit by passing an electric current through connected metallic materials.

MESH app

Just connect the icons in the app.
With MESH, you can:

  • Connect to various internet services and smart devices.
  • Control functions on your tablet or smartphone.
  • Create your own software modules using MESH SDK to make some logics, call web API and control Wi-Fi connected devices.

MESH for Education


MESH brings creative learning to any class and workshop.

Students only need creativity and imagination for endless possibilities with MESH. Through creativity and exploration students build core skills in problem solving, critical thinking, creative design, innovation, and programming in activities that foster soft skills like collaboration, cooperation, and communication with peers and teachers.

Computer Science,
Programming & Engineering
Task-based: Make it move! Find a tool to make the wheel turn.
Project-based: Build a Robo Doodler.
Other: Open-ended playtime with materials kit.
The Internet of Things (”IoT”)
Task-based: How’s it Made? Take apart a smart box that lights up when the lid opens.
Project-based: Create a smart recycle bin that says, “thank you,” for cans & bottles.
Other: Open-ended playtime with materials kit.
Design Thinking,
Creative Confidence
MESH discovery kit brings design thinking concepts like ideation, prototyping, and testing to the classroom in a practical way by making it easy and fast to brainstorm, build, and test new ideas!

file DIY Smart House
at The Tech Museum
file Let's make things "that you wish existed"!
by Sony Science Program


iF design award 2016


MESH takes a playful and accessible approach to programming and to logic and hardware/software interaction, two topics of growing importance. The product enables users to interact directly with the virtual and physical world by trial and error. It has a very consistent, straightforward, simple and clean design, which underscores the function of each element and is also reflected in the design elements of the software. Two words: great work!

Good Design Award 2015


Impressive design that simplifies how the system is used makes MESH accessible even to budding “makers” who know little about programming or electronics. Also refreshing is that users can easily create an IoT system by integrating MESH into the things around them. Above all, fun to watch. Users can refine their models by instantly seeing how the system responds, which supports system building. For children, MESH shows tremendous potential in teaching technology and stimulating creativity.

The MESH team

We are a small team of passionate engineers that came out from Sony's Seed Acceleration Program.

Describe MESH in 3 words.

Instant IoT Toolkit

How did the idea come out?

Our Founder, Takehiro, was inspired to create MESH while hacking an alarm clock. "If only there was an easy way to make this gadget and everything in my home a little smarter," he thought. This is the moment MESH was born.

What makes MESH special?

MESH is one of the simplest ways to use the Internet of Things in your everyday life. Instead of buying ten smart gadgets, you can just make the ordinary objects in your life smarter with just MESH Smart Triggers. Anyone can create smart recipes in our drag-and-drop app for a smarter life (and home). With just a tap, you can use MESH with hundreds of gadgets and apps via Bluetooth (BLE) and IFTTT.

What has been the best part of our startup experience?

We love to see people’s wildest smart gadget ideas come to life with MESH. These ideas motivate and inspire us to keep finding new ways to make it easier for everyone to create gadgets and environments that are smart and personalized.


Available Countries and Regions

We will ship to the following countries and regions for this campaign as we have designed MESH for compliance with these countries and regions.

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Where can I download the MESH app?

The MESH app can be downloaded on iOS and Android. Install the MESH app on your phone or tablet to begin creating and controlling your own smart gadget recipes.

Supported OS

  • iOS8.0 or later, and Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Android 5.0 or later, and Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy)

For more information, visit support page.

What languages do you support?

English and Japanese.

Technical details

Brand MESH
Communication system Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE)
Max. communication range Approx. 10m
Battery life Approx. a month on a single charge, depending on use.
Power supply Built-in rechargeable battery
Charging Interface Micro-USB charge only
Product Dimensions Approx. 24mm x 48mm x 12mm (Motion Tag: 24mm × 48mm × 20mm)
Item Weight Approx. 13g
Company Sony Corporation
Country of manufacture Made in Japan

For more information

Please check our web and FAQ page for details.



If you have any further questions please contact us for support.

Warranty & Support

Manufacturer’s warranty can be requested from Tokyo Mirai Mode customer service.


MESH Delivery Information
Hello, Backers! Thank you very much for backing our MESH project! We have some important information to share with everyone concerning delivery. ...
New IFTTT Applets on MESH!
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[Early Bird] MESH-100B7A Smart Triggers, DIY All-Seven Kit

326.63 USD
-MESH DIY All-Seven Kit includes a wireless button, an accelerometer an LED, 3 sensors and a GPIO.
-MESH tags add DIY smart features like automation and wireless control to everyday objects
-You can use MESH with Philips Hue, SmartThings, LIFX, WeMo, Nest and other gadgets on IFTTT
-A smartphone or tablet is required to run MESH smart triggers which use Bluetooth (BLE)
May 2017
All gone!

MESH-100B7A Smart Triggers, DIY All-Seven Kit

350.04 USD
-MESH DIY All-Seven Kit includes a wireless button, an accelerometer an LED, 3 sensors and a GPIO.
-MESH tags add DIY smart features like automation and wireless control to everyday objects
-You can use MESH with Philips Hue, SmartThings, LIFX, WeMo, Nest and other gadgets on IFTTT
-A smartphone or tablet is required to run MESH smart triggers which use Bluetooth (BLE)
May 2017

Workshop kit includes 5 MESH DIY All-Seven Kit

1637.82 USD
-5 sets of MESH DIY All-Seven Kit, and a workshop support manual.